Motorcycle Theory Test

Preparing for your theory test

Before you can even book a Practical Motorcycle Test you must have passed the Written Theory Test

This is in two parts, the first is the theory test itself and this is largely Highway Code knowledge and practical road sense.

The best way to prepare for this is to make use of computer software and test yourself. This software is readily available from retailers such as Amazon, see our Shop pages

You can find links to a number of online practice tests in our motorcycle links page.

A written test asks 50 questions and you need 43 correct answers to pass

There is also the Hazard Perception Test. In this you are shown 14 video clips which contain 15 dangers that you have to mark. This test is NOT easy and will need practice. The web site will let you try a free clip and you can sign up for more.

Maximum score for a Hazard Perception Test is 75, and the passmark is 44.

Again the best practice is to get the software and use your computer

The DSA publish books and software to help with both tests. See the Shop pages on this site

If you manage to lose your Theory Test certificate all is not lost. Follow THIS LINK and it will take you to a DSA web-page where you can recover the number of the chit.