Exercise 2 of the Test

( 2 ) SLALOM

Exercise 2 Diagram

The second exercise is that you have to ride a slalom. All this means is that you have to ride a zigzag course between 5 (yellow) cones. Remember to take a head check before you pull away!.

These cones are placed in a straight line and they are 4.5 metres apart.

This is not difficult to do once you know what you are doing and have had a bit of practice.

Find yourself a car park you can mess about in, preferably one that's marked out with parking bays across its centre and set out your markers.
These can be anything, but half tennis balls are easy to carry a half dozen off with you.

Set them out down a line of parking bays. If you put them on every other division, so the markers are 2 bay widths apart you are the required distance but at first put them on every third intersection.

Then it's just ride down the line weaving between the markers!

Sounds easy and it is if you don't rush it.

Don't look at the next cone, look at the end of the line, or even better look well beyond there. Keep your eye-line about 5 feet above ground level and just press the handlebars GENTLY to the left and right to weave between the cones.

Press on the bars, don't try to pull them: and you don't need to press hard for this to work.

Control your speed by slipping your clutch (keep it in the friction zone), keep your gas constant, and drag your back brake.

If you pull your clutch too far in, OR if you shut your gas off, then the bike will try to lie down on you and you WILL put a foot down.

Once you have the feel of doing this then move the markers closer together until you can do it at the official 4.5 metres. If you then move them down to only 4 metres and practice with the markers at that distance apart, then when you have to do it for an examiner on your test you'll find it easy.

This exercise leads straight on in to the next, the Figure of Eight.