Exercise 1 of the Test


Exercise 1 diagram

The first thing that you MUST remember when doing "Module 1" is that at all times you must act as if you were riding on the road. This means that your MUST take rear observations and head checks, even though you know that you are the only person on the yard.

You begin the module by taking your bike onto the test yard, you can ride or push it but even here HEAD CHECK before you move off from the parking spot at the Test Centre.

Take the bike into the end "parking bay" marked out at one end of the yard and park it, on its stand, facing the fence. It is your choice which stand to use

You now have to push the bike backwards out of that bay and round so that it is parked, on its stand, facing out of the other end bay. How you do it is up to you, you do not have to push it back in a "U"-turn, a "3-point turn" is perfectly acceptable.

You are next asked to do a "Slalom" and a double "Figure Eight".