Our Bikes

Motorcycles for hire during training sessions

500cc ER5 Kawasaki

Kawasaki ER5

For our Direct Access trainer we are using the Kawasaki ER5

This 500cc parallel twin is a very popular bike among the training schools because it is so easy to ride

Having 17 inch wheels it has a low saddle height and it is not a stretch to get your foot to the ground, helping to inspire confidence

They have proved to be a sturdy, tractable and very reliable bike and very forgiving to a learner's initial clumsiness with the controls.

It is also an excellent choice as a your First Bike and as they have been in production  for almost 10 years now there are plenty of them around

125cc Suzuki GX 125

Suzuki GX 125

As a 125cc trainer we are using the Suzuki GX125

This is a 125cc four stroke machine. Electric start so no need to kick it into life again if it stalls

It is standing up extremely well to the hard life of a basic training bike and proving the wisdom of our choice of it

If all you want is a small bike for short distances then this is a highly recomended choice.

50cc Gilera Ice

Gilera Ice Scooter

For the sixteeners and those wishing to learn on an automatic scooter we have the Gilera Ice

This is made by the same group who manufacture Vespas so they know how to build a good scooter

Its striking looks and diminutive size make this sweet running little 50cc two stroke an endearing machine to ride despite its limited performance

Having an Automatic Transmission it is as easy to ride as a pedal cycle.