Motorcycle Practical Riding Test

Module 2

On the big day you arrive at the Test Centre, the examiner calls you into a sub-office where he signs you in and kits you up with a radio.

He then leads you outside and checks that you can read a car number plate at 20.5 metres, you go to your bikes where he explains the procedure and off you go

The examiner then takes you round one of several routes they have, these are available to download on the DSA website, where he will watch how you deal with various traffic situations and assess your riding ability.

Of the 'set piece manouvers only the.:-

are still to be done while you are on the road, the other manoeuvres having been moved to be done as part of "Module 1"

You will be on the road for between 35 and 45 minutes. On your return to the Test Centre you go back into the office where the examiner will give you his verdict and will, if you wish, explain what happened.

If you have passed will be issued with the Pass Certificate and the examiner will offer to send your licence in to be updated. If you prefer you may send it in yourself BUT if you do not send it in within two years then the Pass Certificate will expire and you will need to pass the tests again.

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