"Module 1" of the New Test


The much heralded changes in the structure of the "Practical Riding Test" came in on Monday 27th April 2009 where you were required to ride round cones in a yard

Following a review in early 2011 some changes were made, coming into use as of 16th May 2011.

You can see the layout of the yard here:- CONES LAYOUT and download the .pdf file showing it.

The test procedure in use until 16th May 2011 is here:- OLD TEST PROCEDURE.

and the new one is here:- CURRENT TEST PROCEDURE. You can download these as .pdf files as well.

The following pages try to give you an idea of what is required of you in this "Off Road" part of the test, described by the DSA as being "Module 1"

It is necessary for you to pass "Module 1" before you can take "Module 2", the actual "On Road" part of the Practical Riding Test"

Exercise (1) Park and Push

Exercise (2) Slalom

Exercise (3) Figure of Eight

Exercise (4) Slow Ride

Exercise (5) The "U"-Turn

Exercise (6) Half-Circle 1

Exercise (7) Controlled Stop

Exercise (8) Half-Circle 2

Exercise(9) Emergency Stop

Exercise (10) Half-Circle 3

Exercise (11) Avoidance

Exercise 1