Motorcycle Insurance

Bike insurance for new and existing motorcycle riders

Something we are frequently asked about is Insurance.

There is no easy answer as to which is the best company and what will your insurance cost because there are so many variables. The best thing to do is for you to check with a number of insurance companies and brokers to get the best quote. You will find that for the same bike you can get widely varied quotes and you need to shop around to get the best deal

To help with this here is a list of insurance brokers from "Visordown" to try:

Company NameTelephoneEmailWebsite
1st Quote0208 307 Quote Website
AA0800 028 0108AA Website
Adrian Flux08700 777 Flux Website
aQuote0800 988 Website
Ashbourne01992 Website
AVIS01543 Website
Bennetts0800 056 3843Bennetts Website
Bikesure0800 089 Website
Biketastic0800 358 2227n/a
Biketeam0844 Website
Bikewise 01296 334425n/a
Bridge01392 260300n/a
C G Insurance0870 751 9999n/a
Call Wiser   0333 033 0473 Wiser   Website
Carole Nash0800 804 7952bikes@carolenash.comCarole Nash Website
Carter Gilbrook 0870 751 9999Carter Gilbrook Website
Choicequote0800 542 Website
CIA0844 888 Website
Confused Motorbike InsuranceConfused Motorbike Insurance Website
Devitt DA Direct0800 085 0273Devitt DA Direct Website
Dial Direct0800 980 6326Dial Direct Website
Elite0800 988 Website
Fernet0870 600 0040n/a
Footman James (Classic)0845 458 James (Classic) Website
Footman James (Modern)0845 458 James (Modern) Website
GTI0191 279 0660n/a
H&R0845 130 Website
Hastings Direct0800 11 1066customerservice@hastingsdirect.comHastings Direct Website
Honda UK0870 078 0101 Honda UK Website
Insurance Line0800 298 3766 Insurance Line Website 1212056 n/a
Laxton0800 083 0900 Laxton Website
M Direct (BMF)0870 160 0444M Direct (BMF) Website
MAG0870 444 2555 MAG Website
MC Edwards01933 234 804n/a
MCE0870 90 90 966MCE Website
Mitchell & Partners0845 230 4410n/a
Motorbikes Insurance Co.Motorbikes Insurance Co. Website
Motorcycle 168 Website
Motorcycle Direct0844 800 0944 Motorcycle Direct Website
Motor Insurance0800 988 2522Motor Insurance Website
Oneinsure0800 037 8892 Oneinsure Website
Pegasus0870 873 0800n/a
Peopleschoice 0800 138 2030 Peopleschoice Website
Performance Direct0808 202 3697 Performance Direct Website
Policy Shop 0844 2495941 Policy Shop Website
Profile08714 230200 Profile Website
Quickbikequote0800 294 1705 Quickbikequote Website
Quoteline *40844 888 8444. Quoteline *4 Website
Quote Your Motor01322 429110. Quote Your Motor Website
RAC Direct0800 085 3107RAC Direct Website
Rampdale0844 815 6125 bike@rampdale.comRampdale Website
Revolution0800 068 3083n/a
Riders Choice0800 912 Choice Website
Roadsure0845 602 1220 Roadsure Website
Scooter Direct0844 800 0944 Scooter Direct Website
Scoot Scoot0844 409 7862 Scoot Scoot Website
Sky Insurance0870 11 21 Insurance Website
Street machine0845 601 0208n/a
Swinton bikes0800 092 6702 Swinton bikes Website
The Bike Insurer0870 225 Bike Insurer Website
Twist Grip0800 093 2234n/a
Vauntage0800 089 0081enquiries Website
Virgin bikes ins0870 071 3000 Virgin bikes ins Website
West Hill Ins0208 301 4466n/a
Wheel Power TPFT specialist0800 298 3312n/a
Wicked Quotes0844 8800 962 Wicked Quotes Website
Winners Direct0870 774 9555n/a
Yamaha Link0870 074 7374n/a