Exercise 8 of the Test


Exercise 8 Diagram

This time you need to be up to speed, you need to be doing 20 mph(30kph) as you exit the cones, and to be as close as you can manage to the inner (blue) cones.

The reason for this is that as you exit from the half circle you must accelerate so that when you go through the "speed trap" you are doing AT LEAST 50 kph (31.06mph).

You have only 42 metres to get up to speed so you must accelerate HARD.

If you do not get up to that speed then you are sent round to try again, fail to get up to speed this time and your test is over.

There is a 5% tolerance given, but that's only just over 1mph, you've got to be doing 30 through the trap!

It is quite possible that with a heavily built individual on a 125cc machine that due to the power restrictions on a "Learner Legal 125cc" the bike will not be capable of achieving this speed!