Exercise 3 of the Test


Exerdise 3 Diagram

The third exercise is that you have to ride a double Figure of Eight.

This follows directly on from the Slalom

4.5 metres on from the last cone of the slalom is another (blue) cone and 6 metres on from this is another. As you leave the Slalom you ride between the last (yellow) slalom cone and the first of the blue cones, round between it and its mate, round the mate and back between them. You then do the same again and exit between the cones, towards the other end of the yard.

This should give you no difficulty as you carried out this same exercise when you did your CBT! Remember to ride your clutch, keep your gas steady, control your speed with your rear brake and Look where you want to go!

If you put a foot down in either of these exercises then you have "Lost control of your vehicle" and have failed the test!

You can practice this at the same time as you are practicing for the "Slalom"