Exercise 9 of the Test


Exercise 9 Diagram

This follows on from the second time round the "circuit bend".

The stop itself has to be carried out from 50kph so you know that you will be given the stop signal as you exit from the speed trap.

All you need to remember is that you must not have your fingers over the front brake lever as you go through the trap, if you do then you have to go round again.

In an emergency stop you (1) Shut the gas! (2) Apply the front brake, followed by (3) Apply the back brake and then (4) Pull in the clutch!

In a good stop you will feel your weight transfer forward onto the front wheel, it's come off the back wheel so if you brake too hard at the back you will skid.

Skid to a stop and your test is over! but if you can control the skid and get the back wheel turning again by releasing and then re-applying the back brake you will cancel the de-merit for skidding.

To stop quicker you can increase the pressure on your front brake, do not "grab" at it initially, apply it and then increase the pressure.

Come to a full stop, put your foot down and wait for further instruction from your examiner.

When you are called up to him, remember HEAD CHECK to BOTH sides before you pull away.